Some Thursday pics for my feet and stocking lovers.  Hope you’re having a great day :)

Hugs, JeanSwing

Creampie in pantyhose…. this is a fun set of photos Wayne took of me a few years ago.   Enjoy :)

Happy 4th…. Have a fun and safe holiday :)
Hugs, JeanSwing

Happy 4th…. Have a fun and safe holiday :)

Hugs, JeanSwing

Taking a load up my ass :)   Hope you like…  If you’re looking for something to do over the holiday weekend, cum visit me at my site :)

Can you post your best creampie you've ever done(in your opinion)?

I’ve done a lot and can’t say there is any ONE favorite. I do enjoy the DPP creampies the best because it’s such an erotic feeling with two guys exploding inside me at the same time.

How does one get lucky enough to creampie you?

You have to be cute, reasonably hung, shoot big loads, and willing to travel to me, and willing to get an STD test :)

Here’s a small clip from video 160.  Wayne’s balls must have been extra full that day because he dumped a HUGE load of cum in my pussy… it felt soooo good :)

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- Hugs Jean

Here’s a creampie video I enjoyed making… I love how I can watch Wayne’s cock pumping his cum in me.

Happy Saturday, be safe if you’re partying tonight :)

Happy Saturday, be safe if you’re partying tonight :)

Some Friday Pie, hope you have a great weekend :)

Hugs Jean


Hubby Eats A Creampie!

Wow!  You don’t see that very often, a guy eating a creampie…

These are about some 6 year old pie pics …. enjoy :)



Yummy, do you need a cleanup girl?

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Enjoy some of this yummy goodness :)  Our friend Buddy was in town visiting so we decided to have a little fun. I let the guys take turns dumping their loads in my pussy. I absolutely LOVE creampies…. You like? 

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