Happy Saturday, be safe if you’re partying tonight :)

Happy Saturday, be safe if you’re partying tonight :)

Some Friday Pie, hope you have a great weekend :)

Hugs Jean

Another early video, I believe circa 2002…. Our friend and member Chad helped Wayne dpp me.  Chad is hung pretty well, so that was a very tight fit. They both pound me, then explode inside.  Wayne goofed a little on this video, he went to zoom in and it shut the camera down, so the ending is a little abrupt… buy hey, that’s why they call it amateur :)

Hugs, JeanSwing


Hubby Eats A Creampie!

Wow!  You don’t see that very often, a guy eating a creampie…

These are about some 6 year old pie pics …. enjoy :)



Yummy, do you need a cleanup girl?

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Enjoy some of this yummy goodness :)  Our friend Buddy was in town visiting so we decided to have a little fun. I let the guys take turns dumping their loads in my pussy. I absolutely LOVE creampies…. You like? 

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Me and my hot friend getting a delivery… little did the delivery guy know, we had a special surprise for him. We suck his cock, then fucks us both really good before unloading a thick load of cum inside my pussy. My sexy friend goes down on me and cleans up, then we swap it back and forth.

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Holy Cow!  My hot girlfriend Mandy takes a hot gooey load of cum… check it out.


A nice load in my small vagina  :)

mmmm… I’d like to put my tongue in there and clean it out :)

Some Saturday Pie… have a great weekend :)

Good Afternoon… hope you’re enjoying the view :)

Good Afternoon… hope you’re enjoying the view :)

Have you done a Spanish guy?

Had a Cuban guy once, he was hung ;)

Some screen caps from my latest update, some dpp, then some sloppy creampie goodness :) 

How many guys have you had at once? I love watching cum ooz out of you.

Bareback, only 3… with condoms, about 5 or 6 one time…